Online Web Archives: Dig Deep and Win

(Available for On-Demand Viewing) By collecting portions of the web for preservation in an archive for future researchers, historians, and the public, web archivists and their automated, bulk web crawling tools are building massive repositories of open source information. Don’t get overwhelmed by the volume of data – dig deeper! Learn to sift through the grains of sand like an OSINT expert with Kirby Plessas in this rapid survey of techniques for employing web archives – including the behemoth Wayback Machine – to support your research and investigations. As more data and culture are recorded online, more web archives emerge to preserve social media, including some edited or deleted data. Kirby will also teach you how to add content to archives for the purposes of viewing it anonymously or saving the current view if you think it will change. Grab your shovel. Grab your bucket. Meet us at the OSINT beach where we can dig down deep!