OSINT 101: Introduction to Open Source Research & Analysis

OSINT 101, our three-day introductory course on Open Source Research and Analysis, provides participants with a foundational understanding of analytical principles and techniques essential for gathering information from publicly available sources on the internet. In 24 training hours, participants learn how to effectively search the web, assess and verify information, and apply various tools and methodologies to collect valuable, publicly available data. Through hands-on exercises and practical demonstrations from the live internet, attendees will develop skills to extract meaningful data from social media, websites, and other online resources while maintaining ethical and legal boundaries. Whether you are an aspiring investigator, cybersecurity enthusiast, or simply curious about digital intelligence, this course is the perfect starting point to enhance your OSINT capabilities.

Prerequisites: None

Instructor: Kirby Plessas, a seasoned professional with expertise in AI and OSINT.

Course Format: The course includes practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises. Participants are encouraged to engage in discussions and ask questions throughout the course. Students will receive relevant resources and materials for further reference and application.