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Bundle #1

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36 Webinars

  1. Add-ons Extravaganza
  2. Advanced Facebook Search
  3. Backlinks for OSINT Investigations
  4. Blocking Ads, Tackling Trackers
  5. Decoding SnapChat and Cash App
  6. Evaluating Websites
  7. Evidence Preservation & Cyber Security for Survivors of DV with Ashley Arndt
  8. Exploring Telegram and Discord for OSINT Discovery
  9. Find People Across Multiple Social Networks
  10. Find Usernames on the Internet
  11. Finding Unnamed Suspects on Facebook
  12. How OSINT Informs Social Engineering Attacks
  13. Identify Trending Apps: BeReal, YikYak, NGL, Gaffe, and More
  14. Investigating Reddit
  15. Investigating with Public Records & Open Sources
  16. Mapping out the Facebook Network
  17. Online Web Archives
  18. OSINT 101 – Searching and Best Practices
  19. OSINT Analysis of Ad Analytics Users
  20. OSINT for Archives with Ritu Gill
  21. OSINT for Background Investigation
  22. OSINT for Data Breach
  23. OSINT Processes and Cycles
  24. OSINT Source Vetting
  25. People Search
  26. Relationship Matching for Websites
  27. Smartphone Data Recovery for Social Media Investigation
  28. Social Media Apps Basics - Emerging Social Media
  29. Social Media Contact Mapping
  30. Social Media Geolocation
  31. Strategic Dark Web Investigation
  32. Taking the Sea-Nic Route With Maritime OSINT
  33. Ultimate Guide to Google Dorks
  34. Using an Android Emulator
  35. Why You Still Should be Using RSS!
  36. Working with Images in Online Investigations

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Bundle #2 

Includes all of the resources in Bundle #1
Plus, the comprehensive, 27-hour OSINT Basics Seminar
Part 1: Operations Security & Basic Search Techniques
Part 2: Social Media
Part 3: The Dark Web
Part 4: Basic Automation